In Flocally, we reserve the right to refuse admission. Part of our vision is to bring an honest, clean, and safe space for all viewers, and professionals. We urge that all have discretion regardless, is why we make sure our content is properly reviewed before showcasing, in order to protect the integrity of all.

Sexual and verbal explicit content is not permitted, nor encouraged in this platform; Although, you may find some mild content, but nothing to be alarmed of. Be mindful, if you see something, say something; contact us.

We welcome all arts from all types and forms, inclusion is very important for us. That is why we accept everyone as long as your intentions to inspire the masses are the right ones, doing your best to send the right messages into the community. No, there is no agendas behind us, but only pure support for the artists of this generation.

Flocally is a non – profit organization and works with online store purchases, advertisements, and donations of kind people like you. We do not own the rights of any project showcased, but facilitate their exposure by supplying the platform as a powerful tool, reaching other horizons worldwide. 70% of our gains are invested in the promotion of the website, to ensure traffic into your material. The other 30% will be mainly for the improvement of the website design, and hopefully in a near future, a streaming service application for all kind of devices. Our insurance policy are the people that believe in us, the beautiful relations we built with each and all of our members, and our ability to provide and pay it forward to the community and the culture.

The laws here are very simple, to get to discover new artists and their art, so if you like something, share the love!

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