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Flocally Online Festival 2021 | 1st Season Winners!

1st Place | SIX FIGURES

When six high schoolers hear about a wealthy businessman who has died in their town and hidden his fortune, they embark on a journey to find the money. Their relationships and friendships are put to the test as they try to discover the mystery of the hidden fortune. Will they succeed, or will greed lead to their downfall?


Hal, a reclusive hermit, pays tribute to his mother’s death by calling various “Questions and Comments” hot-line to capitalize on their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee until the country’s biggest food and beverage conglomerate, KNACK, hits him with a lawsuit. Armed with nothing but free food samples and the less than mediocre legal aide of his eccentric next-door neighbor Amelia, Hal must lead the battle against the corporate giants to retain his peaceful solitary existence.

3rd Place | The Last Weekend

A group of longtime friends who’ve recently graduated from college, gather for an impromptu party during the final weekend before setting out to live their lives. Some will embark on new careers, others will journey to new places, and still others will meet a future completely unexpected. The Last Weekend is about remembering, wondering, hoping, and living life as it comes.

Congratulations to our 2021 winners!!

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