Flocally Quickie Bities

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You just came to the Quickie Bities page, where all videos are under 5 minutes. We will kindly ask you to go grab something fresh and healthy to snack on, while you watch these. They last the same time you take on eating a quick healthy bite. Let us help you feed your body and soul in real time!

A magic enthusiast meets face to face with a REAL tricky magician.
Tekara, daughter of the head of the Russian mafia kidnaps and interrogates Drake, son of the boss of the Cartel, to investigate why her family was targeted by his. Filmed by William Cook.
Sometimes, it’s a blessing to have an imaginative child… sometimes.
A Ranger on patrol meets and befriends Bigfoot. What would you do if you could hang out with Bigfoot for a day? By TheThreeLancers.
This bite has a 2nd part. Click here to watch! By AC Cruz.

AG Cinematiques
This bite size film has a 2nd part. Click here to watch! By Bryce Howard.
By Creative Brandt Productions.
Filmed by William Cook.
Sometime we got to re-evaluate the life decisions we take. Is never late to change that. By Bryce Howard.
When the TV remote is the center of their sibling rivalry, one eldest brother must decide what he values more: his TV show or his baby sister. By Sheepshed Entertainment.
By Creative Brandt Productions.
By Steven Farmer.
We actually stormed Area 51. Look what we found! By William Cook.
By Vi Angeli Lanot.
By Ink2Real Productions.

ONE – short film by Luke Bradford from Frogspawn Creative Limited on Vimeo.

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