Be Human

Hey, Is okay to not be okay all the time.

Let’s do an exercise! Press play and listen while you take a few deep breaths; just try to cleanse your mind from all the outside chaos, the bills, the bad relations. take it one breath at the time.

Come on, you can do 56 seconds!

Feels much better doesn’t it? Enjoy!

L.V. Santana local writer, and poet.
Project Human Inc.
You are the highest power of your life; you can guide your mind. Fear is just a trick your mind plays on you. You can not fight it; listen to your fear and thank it and let it go…
Fear is a poem made by Marcell Wallace. This film was made by Bryce Howard.
By Broadcasting Brian.

Absolution from raw canon productions on Vimeo.

You have to use your imagination and dream, become a child again, and dream limitlessly. Forget about your current circumstances and ask yourself what would you love? what would make you happy? Then write it down; you cant go where you don’t know.
By Broadcasting Brian.
Ask yourself what you truly want? What will make YOU happy? As humans, we usually “think” what we want or what we like… Sit with yourself and learn to listen to your inner self and ask what would make you happy? I promise you this question will bring other questions up that will lead you to where you really want to go.

Hey, so… we don’t mean to be cheesy or annoying but… (maybe just a bit, but there’s a good reason) in case you haven’t heard;

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