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Rose Sanchez

Flocally was just a thought, a vague idea that just a handful of people believed in. How it turned into reality? Rose Sanchez, founder and creator of Flocally, is a Puertorrican entrepreneur that started her journey by unleashing her full potential. The thing is, in order to unleash yourself, you got to start within. Rose had a lot of obstacles in her Flocally journey, but she never let the flame of passion for arts fade.

Mids. of 2019, Rose started working as a full-time actor. Exploring many possibilities in different sets, when she spotted a talent, who had a vast amount of content in her portfolio. She asked, “wow, why aren’t you famous yet?”, to what the talent answered, “I guess I haven’t met the right people yet.” Yes, this happens to mostly of us artists, regardless of how good you can be. The reality is that for some, it depends in the people they know and have personal ties with, to decide how far they’ll go. So Rose sat to think, she wanted to be a great actress, one of the best actually; but she also wanted to be remembered, and she knew that the only way to do so, is by touching people’s hearts. Rose is not a politician of no type, so she needed to think in what can she do to increase the amount of good relations and artistic support, to better the community in the field she loves the most. Rose said, “I know what I can do! I can do something that most are skeptical of, where the hope dies and the flame rise. I will start by believing in your art.”

Long story short, Rose took a pad and a pen, and started writing down her ideas. How to start, how to work it, how to ignore the nay-sayers and fulfill the task that was bestowed upon her. She set up a timeline and deadline, and promised herself to pay it forward to the community, no matter what. In that path, Rose encountered true beauty in the arts that were around her all that time. There was just not much support when it came to acknowledging it. So she took it upon herself, to be the one who acknowledges, and show all how great is your art. All your ideas are valuable, but what makes them priceless, is what you’re willing to do with them.

No, she didn’t do it by herself, her friends helped, they just didn’t know they were. Thanks to all that stood by Rose when she needed the most, a nice advice, a hug; none of those were related to this project, but it was certainly connected. Some words you said, made this idea way greater. Your kindness towards Rose was so genuine, that she thought; doing “something” for her friends, just wasn’t enough to pay it forward. Most of them would say, “Rose, you didn’t have to.” to that she will reply, “That’s exactly why I did it.”

Spoiler alert, Rose Sanchez finished this project (continues working for the cause) and moved on to the next project of her life. No, that wasn’t extra. Go ahead and do EVERYTHING you put your mind to. Good luck, and never give up!


Antonio J. Medina

Antonio J Medina is a Puerto Rican born English-Spanish bilingual, ethnically ambiguous skilled and award winning actor. with modeling, dancing and college education background. Portrays an age range from high school/college student up to thirties, and favors antagonist roles like “The Joker” being a major influence in his acting career. His dedication to his craft and career has connected him to work with and be represented by talent manager, talent agents, experience with theatrical and commercial bookings, special trainings including on camera techniques/acting/improv trainings/theater/character development/scene and monologue study, male pageants/runway, fashion shows and other professional photography. He has acted and produced in many indie film projects giving him experience and knowledge behind the camera as well, co-runs as vice-president to a online streaming platform and film festival “Flocally” for filmmakers around the world and has had exposure & marketing success throughout social media & several film festivals.

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